Initialization routines

init() simply calls SDL_Init() to initialize only the video subsystem. If the call fails, SDLError is raised. See pygame for a comparison between this function and pygame.init().


exception sdl2.ext.SDLError(msg=None)

An SDL2 specific Exception class. if no msg is provided, the message will be set to the value of sdl2.error.SDL_GetError()

sdl2.ext.init() → None

Initialises the underlying SDL2 video subsystem. Raises a SDLError, if the SDL2 video subsystem could not be initialised.

sdl2.ext.quit() → None

Quits the underlying SDL2 video subysystem. If no other SDL2 subsystems are active, this will also call quit(), sdl2.sdlttf.TTF_Quit() and sdl2.sdlimage.IMG_Quit().

sdl2.ext.get_events() → [SDL_Event, SDL_Event, ...]

Gets all SDL events that are currently on the event queue.

class sdl2.ext.TestEventProcessor

A simple event processor for testing purposes.

run(window : Window) → None

Starts an event loop without actually processing any event. The method will run endlessly until a SDL_QUIT event occurs.