Release News

This describes the latest changes between the PySDL2 releases.


Released on 2020-02-15.

  • The minimum required SDL version is 2.0.5
  • The minimum required SDL_ttf version is 2.0.14
  • The minimum required SDL_mixer version is 2.0.1
  • The minimum required SDL_image version is 2.0.1
  • Improved compatibility with older SDL2 releases by raising informative exceptions whenever a function requiring a newer SDL2 binary is called
  • added support for loading SDL2 .framework binaries on macOS
  • added built-in support for pip installation of SDL2 binaries on macOS and Windows using pysdl2-dll
  • fixed issue #75: sdl2.SDL_JoystickGetGUIDString() and sdl2.SDL_GameControllerMappingForGUID() no longer cause a segfault on Python < 3.8
  • fixed bug preventing use of background color with wrapped text using sdl2.ext.FontManager.render() (PR #134)
  • fixed issue #112: allow easy moving and resizing of sdl2.ext.Window() objects through ‘position’ and ‘size’ attributes, added ‘open’ and ‘close’ methods to Window objects
  • fixed issue #126: the write method for RW objects created with sdl2.rw_from_object() now returns the correct value
  • fixed issue #130: SDL_RW* functions now accept pointers to RW objects
  • fixed issue #135: sdl2.SDL_GetPrefPath() and sdl2.SDL_GetPrefPath() now return bytestrings instead of pointers to strings.
  • fixed issue #136: sdl2.SysWMmsg now properly defined and accessable for syswm events.
  • fixed issue #148: added support for loading SDL2 .so binaries with numeric suffixes on Unix-like OSes (e.g. ‘’)
  • fixed issue #152: restored compatibility with recent versions of PyPy
  • fixed transparency issues with pallete indexed PNGs (PR #159)
  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2 (release 2.0.10)
  • updated sdl2.sdlttf to include the latest changes of SDL2_ttf (release 2.0.15)
  • updated sdl2.sdlmixer to include the latest changes of SDL2_mixer (release 2.0.4)
  • updated sdl2.sdlimage to include the latest changes of SDL2_image (release 2.0.5)

Big thanks to all the GitHub users who filed bug reports and submitted pull requests for this release.


Released on 2017-09-30.

  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2 (release 2.0.6)
  • fixed issue #98: wrap sdl2.SDL_GetHintBoolean() correctly
  • fixed issue #99: wrap sdl2.sdlmixer.Mix_PausedMusic() correctly
  • fixed issue #104: sdl2.ext.Resources.scan() shows the correct path on errors now
  • fixed issue #106: fix TextureSprite.__repr__() for an unset center property
  • fixed some minor GC issues in sdl2.ext.sprite and sdl2.ext.font
  • fixed the __getattr__ implementation for sdl2.ext.ebs.Entity
  • fixed background colour handling for multiline text surfaces


Released on 2016-10-20.

  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2 (release 2.0.5)
  • fixed issue #94: added support for TrueType font collection (TTC) files
  • fixed issue #80: added flip and rotation support for TextureSprite objects
  • renamed sdl2.ext.Renderer.renderer attribute to sdl2.ext.Renderer.sdlrenderer. The renderer attribute is deprecated and will be removed in a later version.


Released on 2016-07-07.

  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2 (release 2.0.4)
  • updated sdl2.sdlttf to include the latest changes of SDL_ttf (release 2.0.14)
  • new sdl2.ext.Renderer.logical_size attribute to set or retrieve the logical pixel size of a renderer
  • fixed issue #48: be more noisy about DLL loading issues
  • fixed issue #65: misleading documentation for sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_line()
  • fixed issue #67: Return a proper error code, when unittests running as subprocesses fail
  • fixed issue #72: not available on import
  • fixed issue #76: define missing SDL_PRESSED and SDL_RELEASED constants
  • fixed issue #82: examples/ fails due to an attribute error
  • fixed issue #83: fix compatibility with newer PIL versions in sdl2.ext.image.load_image()
  • fixed issue #84: The setter of sdl2.ext.Renderer.scale works properly now
  • fixed issue #85: fix environment-dependent unit tests
  • fixed issue #87: fix incorrect MIX_INIT_* constants in sdl2.sdlmixer
  • fixed issue #88: use PILs Image.tobytes() instead of the deprecated Image.tostring()
  • fixed horizontical and vertical line drawing in sdl2.ext.line()
  • fixed a bug in sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_line() for odd numbers of points
  • dropped IronPython support


Released on 2014-07-08.

Thanks to Filip M. Nowak for the PYSDL2_DLL_PATH improvement.


Released on 2014-04-13.

  • fixed issue #32: the line clipping algorithms do not run into precision errors anymore
  • fixed issue #53 (again): is properly wrapped now to retain backwards compatibility with previous SDL2 releases
  • fixed issue #54: text input is correctly converted for the text entry component
  • updated the example BMP files, which could not be loaded properly on some systems with SDL2_image and PIL


Released on 2014-04-05.


Released on 2014-03-23.

IMPORTANT: This release breaks backwards-compatibility. See the notes for the issues #36 and #39.

  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2 (release 2.0.3)
  • new sdl2.ext.subsurface() function to create subsurfaces from sdl2.SDL_Surface objects
  • new sdl2.ext.SoftwareSprite.subsprite() method to create sdl2.ext.SoftwarSprite objects sharing pixel data
  • the unit test runner features a –logfile argument now to safe the unit test output to a file
  • issues #36, #39: the different render classes of sdl2.ext.sprite were renamed
  • fixed macro to provide the correct arguments
  • fixed issue #44: use a slightly less confusing ValueError, if a renderer argument for the sdl2.ext.SpriteFactory is not provided
  • fixed issue #43: improved the code reference for the improved bouncing section in the docs
  • fixed issue #40: typo in a RuntimeWarning message on loading the SDL2 libraries
  • fixed issue #38: the points arguments of sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_points() are properly documented now
  • fixed issue #37: sdl2.SDL_GetRendererOutputSize() is now acccessible via a wildcard import
  • fixed issue #35: download location is now mentioned in the docs
  • fixed issue #12: remove confusing try/except on import in the examples


Released on 2013-12-30.

  • updated PD information to include the CC0 dedication, since giving software away is not enough anymore
  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2 (HG)
  • fixed a wrong C mapping of sdl2.rwops.SDL_FreeRW()
  • fixed various issues within the sdl2.ext.BitmapFont class
  • issue #26: sdl2.SDL_AudioSpec.callback is a SDL_AudioCallBack() now
  • issue #30: the SDL_Add/DelHintCallback() unittest works with PyPy now
  • issue #31: sdl2.sdlmixer.SDL_MIXER_VERSION() returns the proper version now

Thanks to Sven Eckelmann, Marcel Rodrigues, Michael McCandless, Andreas Schiefer and Franz Schrober for providing fixes and improvements.


Released on 2013-10-27.

  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2 (release 2.0.1)
  • fixed a bug in sdl2.ext.FontManager.render(), which did not apply the text color correctly
  • issue #14: improved the error messages on failing DLL imports
  • issue #19: the sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderer.render() and sdl2.ext.SoftwareSpriteRenderer.render() methods do not misinterpret x and y arguments anymore, if set to 0
  • issue #21: sdl2.ext.load_image() raises a proper UnsupportedError, if neither SDL_image nor PIL are usable

Thanks to Marcel Rodrigues, Roger Flores and otus for providing fixes and improvement ideas.


Released on 2013-09-01.

  • new sdl2.ext.FontManager.size attribute, which gives a default size to be used for adding fonts or rendering text
  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2
  • sdl2.ext.RenderContext.copy() accepts any 4-value sequence as source or destination rectangle now
  • issue #11: throw an ImportError instead of a RuntimeError, if a third-party DLL could not be imported properly
  • fixed a bug in the installation code, which caused sdl2.examples not to install the required resources

Thanks to Steven Johnson for his enhancements to the FontManager class. Thanks to Marcel Rodrigues for the improvements to RenderContext.copy().


Released on 2013-08-14.

  • new sdl2.ext.FontManager class, which provides simple TTF font rendering.
  • new sdl2.ext.SpriteFactory.from_text() method, which creates text sprites
  • put the SDL2 dll path at the beginning of PATH, if a PYSDL2_DLL_PATH is provided to avoid loading issues for third party DLLs on Win32 platforms
  • minor documentation fixes

Thanks to Dan Gillett for providing the FontManager and from_text() enhancements and his patience regarding all the small change requests. Thanks to Mihail Latyshov for providing fixes to the documentation.


Released on 2013-07-26.

  • updated sdl2 to include the latest changes of SDL2
  • improved DLL detection for DLLs not being in a library path
  • fixed a bug in sdl2.ext.RenderContext.draw_rect() for drawing a single rect
  • fixed a bug in the repr() call for sdl2.ext.SoftwareSprite
  • issue #4: fixed a bug in sdl2.ext.RenderContext.fill() for filling a single rect
  • issue #5: fixed pip installation support
  • issue #6: fixed a bug in sdl2.ext.get_events(), which did not handle more than 10 events in the queue correctly
  • issue #8: sdl2.ext.SpriteFactory.create_texture_sprite() can create sprites to be used as rendering targets now
  • issue #9: improved error messages on trying to bind non-existent library functions via ctypes
  • minor documentation fixes

Thanks to Steven Johnson, Todd Rovito, Bil Bas and Dan McCombs for providing fixes and improvements.


Released on 2013-06-08.

  • new sdl2.sdlmixer module, which provides access to the SDL2_mixer library
  • issue #1: fixed libc loading for cases where is a ld script
  • updated sdl2 and sdl2.sdlimage to include the latest changes of the libraries, they wrap


Released on 2013-05-07.

  • new sdl2.sdlgfx module, which provides access to the SDL2_gfx library
  • new sdl2.ext.UIFactory.from_color method; it creates UI-supportive sprites from a color
  • fixed color argument bugs in sdl2.ext.RenderContext methods
  • fixed a module namespace issues in sdl2.ext.pixelaccess
  • sdl2.ext.SpriteFactory methods do not use a default size argument anymore; it has to provided by the caller


Released on 2013-05-03.

  • removed sdl2.ext.scene; it now lives in python-utils
  • fixed sdl2.haptic module usage for Python 3
  • fixed sdl2.SDL_WindowGetData() and sdl2.SDL_WindowSetData() wrappers
  • fixed sdl2.ext.RenderContext.copy()
  • fixed sdl2.ext.font module usage for Python 3
  • fixed sdl2.ext.line()
  • sdl2 imports all submodules now
  • improved documentation


Released on 2013-04-23.

  • Initial Release