sdl2.ext.err - Handling & Raising SDL Errors

This module defines a Python exception class for representing internal SDL2 errors, as well as convenience functions for cleanly handling and raising SDL errors in Python code.

exception sdl2.ext.err.SDLError(msg=None)[source]

A custom exception class for SDL2-specific errors.

Parameters:msg (str, optional) – The error message for the exception. If not provided, the current SDL error (if any) will be retrieved using :func:~sdl2.SDL_GetError.

Raises an exception for an internal SDL error.

The format of the exception message depends on whether a description is provided and whether :func:~sdl2.SDL_GetError returns an error string. If a description is given, it will be appended after the default text Error encountered. If SDL has set an error string, it will be appended to the end of the message following a colon (clearing the error in the process).

For example, if SDL_GetError() == b"unsupported pixel format" and the function is called as raise_sdl_err("creating the surface"), the resulting exception message will be “Error encountered creating the surface: unsupported pixel format”.

Parameters:desc (str. optional) – A description of what SDL was trying to do when the error occurred. Will be placed after the text “Error encountered” in the exception message if provided.
Raises:SDLError – An exception explaining the most recent SDL error.